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A DUI is a frightening and high-stakes event in anyone’s life, and you need the right team to fight for your future.

Using our expertise as trial lawyers, and knowledge of the DUI laws in Arizona, we fight to secure the best outcome for our clients and are committed to clearly communicating your rights at every stage of the case.

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We’re more than former prosecutors with over 35 years of DUI experience. We’re proven trial attorneys who know the system and use this experience to our client’s advantage.



We know how difficult this process can be for you, and your family, that’s why we make sure you clearly understand the charges and your options for choosing the right path.



We’ve handled thousands of DUI cases throughout our careers and we understand the process prosecutors are using to try and put you in jail, giving us the upper-hand to position our clients for the best possible outcomes.

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Your Questions Answered

What if I wasn’t read my Miranda Rights?

On TV, officers read Miranda Rights to everyone as they are placing them under arrest. While this is good practice, it’s not required in real life. These rights are triggered when you’re in custody and there’s an interrogation. In many cases, officers will wait to question you until they get back to the station and will not immediately read Miranda to you when placing you under arrest. It is always best to immediately ask to speak with an attorney.

What questions should I ask my attorney?

In order to receive the best defense, here are some questions you should ask an attorney before hiring them:
How many DUI trials they have you done?
What’s the percentage of DUI cases you’ve handled relative to other cases?
How familiar are you with the forensic science behind blood and breath testing?

*Not all criminal defense attorneys handle DUI’s, or handle them well*

Will my case go to trial?

Most DUI cases do not end up going to a jury trial. It is a right that each client has, but if the case is investigated properly by an experienced DUI litigator, more than often a favorable plea will be entered.

What levels of THC can lead to DUI ?

Any sign of impairment can lead to a conviction, even if you have a medical card.

Can I be charged with a DUI if my blood or breath result is below a .08?

Arizona is a zero tolerance state, as such, any combination of drugs or alcohol to the slightest degree can result in a DUI. Everyone thinks the legal limit means just that, but unfortunately, in Arizona, it does not, this is why it is best to ask to speak to your attorney immediately.

Can my case be thrown out if I wasn't speeding or going outside of my lane?

In the event of constitutional violations, cases can be dismissed or results thrown out. However, police stops can be upheld even if the officer was wrong as to the individual traffic violation if the officer believes a driver may be impaired.

How long will my case take to resolve?

Most cases take about 4-5 months from the time of arrest until the completion of the case in the pre-trial stage, but timing largely depends on the complexity of your case.

Every DUI case is serious and unique

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