If a loved one has passed away a result of someone else’s negligent conduct, you may have a potential wrongful death claim.

Our attorneys are experienced in handling these type of serious and sensitive cases, and we handle the legal part of the tragedy so you can focus on healing with your loved ones.

The statutory beneficiaries are usually entitled to a wrongful death recovery if the fatal injuries occurred from, but aren’t limited to:

A loved one will never be replaced by money. But your loved one would want to ease the worry of the financial burden if any form of negligence caused that death. You need to contact an experienced attorney because you may be entitled to pursue legal action. Of course, money can never make up for your loss, but our attorneys know the factors considered under the law to obtain compensation to lessen the financial burden associated with your loss. It’s not easy to gather all the facts to argue a wrongful death claim and you don’t need to do it alone. An attorney should be contacted at the earliest possible time so they can gather the necessary information. While we cannot erase the pain of your loss, we will make this process much easier for you – and give you the comfort of knowing experienced, caring, and successful attorneys are on your side, working hard for you. You’ll find comfort in knowing you have us on your side.

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