• Sex Crimes/Juvenile Sex Crimes
  • Death Penalty Qualified
  • Juvenile
  • Criminal Defense
  • J.D. - Arizona State University cum laude & Truman Young Fellow
  • B.A. - Arizona State University, magna cum laude
Death Penalty Qualified

Matt Long has distinguished himself as one of the most accomplished and experienced trial attorneys in the State of Arizona. He has been assigned lead counsel on over 75 jury trials and has been a part of some of the most complex, serious, and consequential cases in Arizona’s History. He has particular experience investigating and defending those accused of sexual offenses and child crimes. His unique background qualifies him as an expert in the fields of investigation, prosecution, victim disclosures, false allegations, victim bias, false confessions, memory and victim response.

Matt has demonstrated that if pressed to trial, he wins. He understands the prosecutor mind because during his lengthy career as a prosecutor, he was assigned to supervise other prosecutors in trial and provided training on advanced trial techniques. He uses his trial experience and prosecutor background to avoid trial and obtain the proper outcome by plea, diversion or dismissal. He has a record of resolving the cases that need to be resolved and going to trial on the cases that just have to be tried.

Matt Long has provided instruction to police and other crime professionals nationally. He teaches on the best practices of criminal investigation and trial presentation and provides consultation to legal professionals across the country.

The Arizona Supreme Court has determined Matt Long is one of very few Arizona attorneys with the knowledge, training and experience to qualify as lead counsel on death penalty cases. He understands challenging cases, mitigation, legal strategy and applies all available legal tools to fight legal, procedural and factual battles.

Matt Long enjoys holding prosecutors and police accountable when they are deficient in the manner they seek and execute due process.

Matt is a lifelong Arizonan  – a Tempe kid (once a Charger always a Charger); a Mesa father; a child advocate; and a friend to honest police, dedicated teachers and good parents.

Matt Long starts by hearing, because he understands the reality of family tragedy and the complexity of humanity. He knows that everyone has a story they need told. In some cases, their life is on the line, in others their job or reputation. Let Matt help you tell yours.

Practice Areas
• Sex Crimes
• Criminal Defense
• Manslaughter
• Drug Offenses
• Victim Advocacy
My Approach

I understand that life is complicated and there are many different reasons why someone would need my services. I have understanding of, and compassion for, every situation in which an individual may find themselves.

Furthermore, I treat all clients with dignity and respect, regardless of the crimes they’ve been charged with. I protect my clients in an unforgiving system, hold the justice system accountable, and communicate regularly, because my clients have the right to know what’s going on with their case.

After spending more than a decade prosecuting these cases, I have the advantage of knowing the mindset, motivations, and tactics the prosecution uses, and wield that knowledge for my clients benefit.

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